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Post-Op Pain Medication Suggestions
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    Default Post-Op Pain Medication Suggestions

    Before I tell my story, I want to make a long story short, I'm in need of a suggestions on pain meds because it seems like I am immune to Vicodin.

    Back in June of this year, I dislocated my left shoulder and I found out that I tore my left labrum in four different spots. I was originally on Percocet (5/325) for a few days afterwards and it seemed to work rather well. I'm well aware of it being a CII class drug hence why I wasn't given a lot. Before having my surgery I was on a slew of Rx ranging from Meloxicam (7.5), Naproxen (550), Vicodin (7.5/500), Motrin (800), Tramadol (50) and Flexiril (10). I asked the pre-op nurse not to have the surgeon give me Vicodin due to being on it for about six months with my right shoulder (mumford procedure) and it seemed like it didn't work and that surgeon was against going with anything besides Tramadol, which didn't bother me because I healed rather fast and well with the right.

    Now here is the confusing part (if it hasn't been already): Walking around and working (light duty, no lifting), I would rate it as a one or zero on the Percocet. During therapy, probably two. Vicodin did nothing pain-wise but make me very talkative and hyper. After giving my Dr a call about the Vicodin, he gave me Tramadol (50) to mix with Motrin. Going to therapy taking that, I basically wanting to jump off the table due to the pain even taking two when told to take only one. With Vicodin doing nothing and being told to be off the Percocet, would anyone suggest anything as an alternative to the Tramadol and Percocet. I know that Percocet will not be given to me and I will not ask for it however, I don't want to be sounding like as if I'm drug seeking. I have never been given Tylenol3 so I don't know how that will work and I definately do not want a higher strength Vicodin. Any suggestions would be great.

    In case anyone is wondering, I'm six weeks post-op with no history of drug abuse.

    Thank You,

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    Dear Football kid,

    It's not up to you to figure out what pain medication to suggest to your doctor! They do these procedures routinely, and know what kind of pain to expect during recovery. If your pain exceeds what is "normal," then talk to your doctor; this may be a sign of a complication.

    You can not expect to be completely pain-free when you take these meds. The idea of the pain meds is to take away the most severe pain, and bring it to a level that you can live with, as you recover. Of course there will be more discomfort during therapy; if it becomes more than you can handle, cut back on the therapy, but do not double the dose.

    These are all powerful, highly-additive painkillers, and if you're fortunate enough to have no history with drug abuse, then keep it that way! It can happen to anyone. You have already mentioned exceeding the dosage that the doctor prescribed, which is often how it begins.

    By the way, even though you don't want to "sound like you are drug seeking," this kind of request will raise red flags. Doctors know the potential risk for anyone who is taking these kinds of drugs.

    God bless,

    You will know the truth - and only the truth can set you free.

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