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Question About My Old Welbutrin Combination
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    Default Question About My Old Welbutrin Combination

    For five years my old doctor had me a combination of Wellbutrin and low dose of Risperdal for my depression.

    That doctor has since retired. I was unaware he was 82 years old! I found a new, considerably younger doctor that I like. He questioned why I should be on the Risperdal and gradually took me off it.

    Since February I have been taking Wellbutrin only and have been doing very well. Since then I also have been having some of the side effects wth the alleged 'skinny, horny, happy drug' including sweating, weight loss and definitely an increase in sex drive.

    I NEVER had any of these side effects when I was on both the Wellbutrin and the Risperdal, I do not see this doctor again until August. (I see a separate therapist more frequently). I want to know was the Wellbutrin working as it should have with the Risperdal or was the added Wellbutrin the equivalent of taking sugar pills those five years. The stable way I have been feeling makes never want to go back to the combinations of the two drugs again. Thanks.

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    are you taking the generic bupropion 150xl or the brand wellbutrin xl 150 and what mfr or what company makes it.

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