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Relapsed with Oxy...Again
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    Default Relapsed with Oxy...Again

    Hi All,

    I'm 29, about to be 30 and I have been fighting a win/lose battle with Oxy for over a yr now and seemed to slipped up again. I started using on the weekends (just like you) and then it worked its way into the weekdays. I was snorting about $60 a day for several months and quit cold turkey (no suboxune) because the money spent was getting out of hand. I knew i had a problem but just didn't' care. It was the one thing that i really enjoyed doing and brought me happiness when I was on them. so after a 10mo period of being on them I quit and relapsed about 5 times. Then I quit doing everything (alcohol, pills) for about 9 weeks and just fell of the wagon for a week, got back on, fell off a week later, got on for a few days and here I am again, snorting OC's. They are harder to find and the price is now $80 per 80mg since the "old" pills are hard to find because the formula has changed in Ohio. Just wanted to vent my anger. Anyone else like me out there?

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    If you read around the forum I think you'll find that almost everyone here is just like you, some older, some younger. An addict is an addict is an addict. Have to pick yourself up and go for it again.

    Post a lot and others will reply. You'll find lots of support here. Have you tried getting into recovery. NA might just be a good option for you. You're just like everyone else abusing drugs trust me. No one will judge you, they'll just try to help you and make you accountable. Recovery saved my life after using for 35 years. Good luck and God bless.
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