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    Default Robert_325...

    I'm pretty inspired by you the more and more pieces of your story that I hear. 35 years of 'disgusting' use, as you put it. I also read that you became a Christian around the time you finally got completely clean. I'm feeling drawn back to my faith right now, as well.

    I spent seven years drinking insanely (pretty disgustingly) and was in recovery for that when I was put on Subs to 'avoid opiate addiction' after an accident. That is kinda funny in retrospect. I've reflected soooo much on that 'smart choice' and wish I'd stuck with Motrin! I think of all the time I've wasted being numbed by alcohol and then Suboxone; and during my Sub use I've been taking chips at meetings and declaring myself clean and sober. I've decided that when Sub is finally in the past for me, I will be a newbie once again and I will be so darn proud when I get my first abso-friggin'-lutely-spick-and-span clean chips.

    Seeing how you are guiding so many people changes my perspective on the wasted time issue. IMO, you didn't waste your time. Whatever you took out of the world via drug use and whatever lows you reached, you are matching with putting back in by holding people up while they get off the Suboxone. You could just be clean and turn around and move on. Not every person would have the concern and compassion to stick around. If I were you, I'd feel like that time I spent messing around had an eventual purpose. If you hadn't gone those dark times, I wonder how many people wouldn't be clean. Plus, many of those people you help will then turn around and want to help even more people. It's a ripple effect and you won't ever even know how far it goes. It's very selfless. You could feel like you wasted enough of your time and decide to spend your time now on just yourself, but I'd be willing to bet your conscience just wouldn't let you do that.. I just wanted to tell you that reading all your words has not only given me a boost of ambition and confidence, but I feel like I can eventually turn my 'wasted' time into something I will be proud of. I've never sponsored anyone, but when I am off Sub, I look forward to doing that, especially people struggling with Suboxone.

    **God bless you**

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    littletortoise ..... I thank you for your kind words. You are right, I am led to do this as a way of giving thanks to my Savior for allowing me to live, to have survived and be blessed to share my testimony with others. I don't make a habit out of preaching on this forum, I take it off the forum, but there have been quite a few people from here that I have been blessed to speak with off the forum that have I've prayed with them for salvation and their lives have changed in the most glorious ways during the process of getting clean here.

    I get frustrated here sometimes dealing with addiction and the insanity of it all and I act out in the flesh at times being human. I get angry at times as the enemy is always trying to prevent people from getting clean and finding the truth. But I do look at this as a ministry and take advantage of every opportunity to share my testimony of salvation through Christ Jesus. I'm NOT an addict anymore as we become new creatures in Christ. That comes right from 2 Corinthians. I don't believe in the "once an addict always an addict" philosophy as that places limits on what God can do in our lives. I pray for this forum daily including for the ones who don't really care for me thinking I am talking nonsense. Again that is TOTALLY the enemy trying to drag people down to be less than they can be.

    Thanks again for your kind post. God bless.
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