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Sertraline and a Rash?
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    Angry Sertraline and a Rash?

    I have been on Sertraline for 6 months for depression...death of a parent, breast cancer, etc. About 3 months ago I developed a rash on my scalp. It started with tiny blisters that popped and oozed for several days. Then it turned into the worst dandruff I've ever seen.

    I went to the doctor who prescribed a Medrol Dosepak. The rash got better, but didn't go completely away. Now my scalp is covered with a scaly, red rash and it is growing onto my forehead at the temples, my outer ears and down my neck.

    A rash is not something I generally associate with Sertraline, but it is the only thing I have changed in the last few months. Any ideas???

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    May want to get it checked. Sounds more like plaque psoriasis than a reaction to sertraline. I've been taking sertraline for years, and haven't had anything like that. I do have a form of psoriasis though, and at times my scalp burns and itches, and on occasion crust up in one particular spot. Check with your dr., that way you know for certain what it is.

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    Default Zoloft

    I would make it a point to get it checked at your very first convenience. The condition you describe definitely sounds like a reaction to the zoloft/sertraline. It's not really common but it is a fairly well-known reaction to your medication.

    If you will enter sertraline into the search box at the top of this page and click drug search you will pull up links for information on this medication. You will notice in the section describing possible side effects that your reaction is discussed in some detail. It states that you should contact the dr immediately about this as it is likely a reaction. Let us know how it works out. God bless.
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    Default Sertraline seems to cause psoriasis

    i have exactely the same experience with sertraline. It was diagnosed as psoriasis.The psoriasis even spread over my entire body. Now i stopped taking sertraline the psoriasis dissapears. sertraline seems ton cause psoriasis

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    Looks like I need to contact my doctor. This may be the cause of my psoriasis, and/or some of my other problems.

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