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Short term memory loss while on benzos, need advice and to hear about others
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    Default Short term memory loss while on benzos, need advice and to hear about others

    I have depression and anxiety and have been on many different benzos to treat my anxiety. While they are very effective for that I cannot stand the short term memory loss. It is very bad in my case, and has been since I started on them. It can make it hard to really function as smoothly and as fast as I want. The memory loss is bad no matter which benzo I have tried and it is really frustrating.

    Anyone else have this side effect? Any insight or advice?

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    Benzodiazepines can produce anterograde amnesia (a loss of memory for events occurring forward in time). Following the ingestion of a benzodiazepine, short-term memory is not affected, but long-term memory is impaired. Memory impairment is more likely in benzodiazepines that have a high benzodiazepine-receptor affinity, that accumulate in the body, that are given in high doses or intravenously, or that are eliminated slowly. As a rule individuals taking benzodiazepines are often unaware of their memory impairment unless it is pointed out to them. And I think it`s the biggest problem.

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    No, i don't think that's true. The benzodiazepines effect anterograde memory--i.e.acquisition of information going forward in time--a complicated way of saying "learning, or short term memory." Long term memory is going backward in time to bring forward to consciousness events of our chilhood, items and skills previously learned and recollections of times past, among other things. It takes major brain damage to permanently effect long term memory. I have experienced short term memory gaps, and word finding difficulties w/benzos. I have found one reference that says it's temporary. Buspar may be the only anti-anxiety drug that doesn't cause memory problems--but i have to check. It also doesn't work as well as the benzos. Have you tried low dose SSRIs? Or SNRI's--ex: Prozac, Celexa, cymbalta etc. I have not but they work well for some w/o the memory problems. Good luck.

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    The important information you didn't state is how much do you take when you experience this amnesia effect? If you give this info, I can help you with advice.

    Best wishes.

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