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Started my Suboxone treatment today
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    Lightbulb Started my Suboxone treatment today

    Hi guys!

    After lurking for a bit I've decided to join the community. This place seems like a great place to meet & join in on some great discussions.

    So after over 2 years of an oxy addiction I've decided to give Suboxone a try. I was taking around 90-120mg of oxy almost everyday. I went to the docs today and they prescribed me 8mg of subs a day. 4mg in the morning & 4mg at night - though he did say to start with the 4mg and see if I need the other 4mg during the day. I have the Suboxone film strips - which I like better than the pills. They melt quicker and don't taste as bad as the pills do.

    Any tips and/or stories about Suboxone? Anything that I should know?

    Thanks & I look forward to joining in on the community!

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    If you've been lurking for a while I will assume you've read the stickies at the top of this page. The best advice I can think of is, with Suboxone, less is more. You will quickly find that after induction, the lowest dose you feel OK on will be best. Suboxone does not really provide relief, it provides the absence of withdrawal, so don't expect to feel good. Expect to feel not sick. I was on it for a year and half of that was a waste of time because I was fearful of withdrawal. If I could do it over again I would have begun my taper sooner and got off the sub during the first six months. It is a GREAT taper drug and a TERRIBLE long term drug. I've been completely off everything for 60 days now and truly feel great.

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