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Suboxone - Another question
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    Default Suboxone - Another question

    What kind of vitamins can I take to make the reduction in dosage easier (going from say 1 mg to .75 mg)? Should I take the Thomas recipe? Would it help or is that overkill?

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    I tried the Thomas Recipe when I was gettting off both oxycodone and subutex. Honestly, I would only recommend buying the following: Immodium, potassium, Aspercreme, and if you can-xanax or valium for a few days to sleep or unisom. The hot bath takes away basically all WD or it did for me but obv you cant live in a tub for a week. Sleep as much as you can. I started feeling human again on the fourth day. The second day is definitely the worst. The hot/cold was the longest lasting symptom along w/anxety which sucks b/c they are the worst for me. Honestly to take the edge off i would take tiny sips of codene cough syrup like tiny and only when I couldnt bear the WD. Good Luck.

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    Suboxone addiction treatment is very necessary as it is harmful to the health and could cause a long term harm.Follow the path as prescribed by the doctor and best treatment is to progressively decrease the quantity. Suboxone may cause drowsiness or may affect the considering of the patient. If any medicine is designed to take us out of an addiction then it should be taken purely under the direction and oversight of a doctor. Taking the help of any rehabilitation center could be good for the addict as it would help to overcome emotional as well as actual physical pain while giving up addiction.

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