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Suboxone and Dental Treatment?
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    Default Suboxone and Dental Treatment?

    I am currently taking Suboxone right now and over the weekend started having really really insane toothe problems. It has made work, being with my famile, just being awake extremely rough. My dentist is calling me in some Pain is my understanding that these will not even help at all with my paid....Correct?

    What can I do if anything?

    Also, he sais he could tell from previous X-rays and which tooth it was we will probably be doing a Root Canal tomorrow. Ive heard those hurt quite a bit....never had one. With the Suboxone even allow the "numding" medicine and whatever else they use to actually work?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default subs and tooth ache

    if you have taken a suboxone within 24 hours then anything else you take wont help. The suboxone will block everything, and it does a real good job at it. Even if your 23 hours in after taking a sub you still wont feel anything. You'll have to wait the full 24 hours for anything else to work. I know this for a fact, I've tried and tested it. Just wait 24 hours after you took a sub then start the percocet.

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    The half life of sub is 37 hours give or take. You might need a bit more than 24 hours of sub to get real pain relief. Take perscription strength motrin which would be 4 over the counter motrin. They work well for pain if the percs don't do the trick. I used that after getting several teeth pulled and it worked really well.

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