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Suboxone - How do I know I am stable?
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    Default Suboxone - How do I know I am stable?

    I've been on this for about 2 years. I can't seem to figure out what my stable dosage is. If I take too much or take too little, I seem to get the same symptoms. Tiredness, headaches, etc. Every day it seems it's a struggle to figure out how much I should be taking. So, I end up taking about .5 mg of film one day and then 2 mg another day. Never feeling ok.

    Occasionally, I'll take an amount where I'll feel completely normal but that amount seems to change.

    How do I figure out my stable dosage?

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    I know our systems get out of whack - and it sounds as if thta's what is happening w/you...

    The goal is the least amount of drug in your system that allows you to function effectively. This is not a walk in the park, so don't sit around waiting for that perfect "i feel good enough to do this today feeling". Just accept there will be some discomfort throughout the process of getting clean, find your resolve to go thru that, remember that the sub you took yesterday is STILL working, settle on a dose that you feel 'good enough' with to face the day AND the challenge ahead, then just stick to a plan.

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    Doctor did not tell you? Then you can find instructions under doctors look, if we can find it troublesome to how much you usually eat experiment, you will always find the right measure, you can eat, but can not eat.

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    Try this l think it will work for you take a half in the morning and a half in the afernoon and take with a benzo if your doctor will write it and just stick with that same dosege everyday for atleast a month and you will start to feel alot better.

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    Most doctors will not prescribe a benzo while you are on subs. Taking a benzo is the worst thing you can do. You do not want to become dependent or addicted to a benzo: that w/d is seriously hell. If you need something for anxiety try L-theanine or serene L-theanine. Valerian root will also help. Get exercise and plenty of water. The first thing you need to do is to stay on a stable dose. If you are on 2mg., take 1mg. am and another 1mg. about 8 hours apart. The point is to get stable. Stick with that regimen and you will stabilize. Then, if you want to come off we can help you. You may want to post on the suboxone board.


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    I was looking for this too, I have been a methadone patient for 6 yrs and yesterday they switched me from 30mgs of methadone to 4mgs of suboxone and I hate it. I dont know what to expect maybe, not sure butI know I feel like Im out of my skin! I dont like it, I feel anxious, sweaty, irritable, headaches for the past two days! I feel that I have made a mistake! Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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