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Suboxone withdrawal - a little hope
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    Default Suboxone withdrawal - a little hope

    Hello all,

    I've just hit day 11 coming off of suboxone after 2 years. I jumped off at 2mg after tapering down as quickly as I could from 8 mg.

    I've seen so many posts about how horrible suboxone withdrawal can be, and I guess I wanted to share my experience. If it helps at least one person to decide to take the jump then mission accomplished.

    I've been through normal opiate withdrawal a few years back, and that was a nightmare. I had been doing 6-7 roxi 30's a day at that time. So I know what that can feel like, and I was expecting far worse with the suboxone withdrawal.

    Days 2-3 were the worst, but by no means unbearable. It just felt like a light flu, I even met my girlfriends mom for the first time on Day 2. I was waiting for the axe to fall, and it never really did. I did not have any problems sleeping, I ate consistently, barely any problems with my stomach. By day 4 I was back at the gym, and I never stopped doing normal stuff throughout the process.

    I've felt pretty normal since day 5.

    The only message I'm trying to make is don't get yourself psyched out by everything you can read regarding this process. I did that, and I was terrified and convinced the worst was coming... and it never did. I lead a very healthy lifestyle, I eat right and I work out 4 times a week consistently. So maybe that helped?

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    I know this is an old thread but I want to thank you for it. It's now the end of day 3 for me without suboxone and I feel surprisingly good. Day 1 I felt tired and scared. Day 2 I had the sneezes and the detox smell going on. I struggled to sleep last night maybe because I thought I was going to wake up really sick which I didn't. I woke up feeling better than yesterday. I jumped at 4mg. I was only on them for 4 months so maybe that helped. Maybe I'll feel it tomorrow or the next day. I hope I dodged a bullet, only time will tell!

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    It's crazy I'm struggling off of 2-4 mg used for 18 days.. but 3 years ago I came off 12-24Mg a day for 8 months with little to no effects. Mainly because I was incarcerated had no choice. So a lot of it is in head. If you know u can get than its a lot tougher..i need help right now

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