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    My husband was addicted to hydrocodone for a year and a half. Went to rehab for 30 days to get off of it and is now on tramadol. i initially thought that tramadol was a "stronger ibuprofen". Is he achieveing the same high as he had from the hydrocodone? The physical effects, the "drugged" look is very similar to what I remember while he was on hydrocodone. When he first started using tramadol, he used 90 pills in 5 days time, however I no longer know how many he is taking at a time. I have only noticed a withdrawal one time. Does it sound like he must have a constant supply? Actually, I just remembered a second time he withdrew, he told me he was "sick" with the same virus that my son had. I am worried because I am reading that tramadol can be harder to get off than vicodin. We went through COMPLETE HELL while on and getting off of vicodin and I am not sure if I am up for this again. I have 2 small children that I need to be able to focus my energy on this time around......... I certainly appreciate any insight you can give me!

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    Hi there,Yes Tramadol is h*e*l*l* to get off of!!!How long has he been on it?90 pills in 5 days, That's definately a No-No!! Tramadol is pretty easy to get either from a dr or on the streets it cost only 2-3$ each on the streets ,sometimes they are just 1$,each.An Rx for them is cheap ,also,He may be sneaking to the ER and that is one med thay dont mind writing,These dr and pharmacists ,don't have a clue or they don't care.I think everyone of them should go through some type of withdrawal,then they would be more compassionate...Dont acuse him or yell at him,just let him know you are there for him and will do anything it takes to get him off those lil Devil Pills.They will ruin your life and Health (Mental)Find all the info You can on it,the more you know the better,also a couple of N/A or A/A meetings will make him and you feel better ,you are not alone.You do not have to get up and say a word if you choose not ,to,,the people are very friendly and sincere.good luck,Frustrated wife..Tamm check out the ultram/ultracet/tramadol forum..It may help alot,Tamm

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