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Tramadol or Percocet - Weird Behavior
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    Default Tramadol or Percocet - Weird Behavior

    Hello All,

    Sorry if this may be out of place, still kinda new.

    My father, 49, had open heart surgery and after which, he was having a lot of pain.

    He was acting fine at that point and was on a very mild (for him) painkiller. This wasn't working, so they put him in Percocet, which worked, but he was out of it and doing weird things, now he's still doing it 24 hours later, and then he was put on Tramadol which didn't seem to help either, and he's doing very strange things since both these meds.

    Some of the things he does:
    Doesn't remember what certain objects are
    Slurred speech
    Failed vocabulary
    Taking off his clothes and walking around his hospital room naked
    Standing on the toilet to make a BM
    Extremely irritable and threatmatic

    Can all these things be caused by the above mentioned drugs? Could it have been the surgery? Will he get better and if so, how long does it take for this stuff to be free from his system so he can be normal again?

    Thank you,


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    Hi there. It may be a reaction to the painkillers, however; those behaviors aren't exactly common when taking painkillers (other than slurred speech). Although, if he has a tolerance to pain meds, he shouldn't be having any reaction at all.

    Have you talked to the doctor about it? What are they saying?


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