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Valdoxan (Agomelatine)
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    Default Valdoxan (Agomelatine)

    Hello all

    I was surprised when I did a search for “Agomelatine” on this sight and no results come up.
    So thought I would share my Valdoxan (Agomelatine) experience with you.

    For those of you, who don’t know what Agomelatine is, click here.

    I live in Australia and Valdoxan is currently available to selected practitioners.

    My experience:

    Started on 25 mg at night. . . felt nothing.
    Continued 25 mg at night for one month. . . felt nothing.

    May as well take a placebo.

    Would love to hear from anyone else that’s tried Valdoxan.


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    I've been on Valdoxan for the past 2 weeks and it only took a few days before the dreaded antidepressant sexual side effects kicked in. I thought this medication was suppose to "preserve sexual function", my libido, sensation and ejaculation has decreased significantly. Sex and masturbation now feels a chore, and now my performance anxiety has only increased whenever i'm with a partner. Did anyone else experience these side effects and what did your GP recommend? I continue to take 25mg once daily before bed. Perhaps i should titrate down to 12.5mg

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