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    Red face venlafaxine

    Hello, new member

    have been on venlafaxine for about ten years , am now coming off them and im down to about 18mg , have been at this dose for about 3 weeks now but am getting the usual side effects in the morning , does anyone have an idea how long these symptoms will last at this dose before I can get onto zero milligrams.


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    This is actually the generic for effexor. The easiest way to taper off effexor that I've helped people with is to steadily increase the time between your doses. It's a tough drug to just knock several mgs off at once. Can make you feel like you're going crazy. But if you dose every 12 hours, just as an example, start dosing every 16 hours. Do that for about four days and then go to every 20 hours. Do the same thing and then go to 24 hours between doses. Once you hit that 24 hour mark you can reduce the dose a little ( a few mg) and go back to dosing every 12 hours, then 16, then 20 and then 24 again. Then reduce the dose again and proceed forward.

    You really need to take your time doing this. You'll be surprised how quickly though you will go through dropping 18mg in this fashion if you just reduce the dose by a few mg each time you make another 24 hour day adding time between your doses. I've seen this method work with lots of people over the years here. Give it a try and see what I mean. Hope that helps. It should be pretty painless doing this method. God bless.
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