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Venlafaxine start up side effects
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    Default Venlafaxine start up side effects

    So I've been on 225mg for 11 weeks for GAD and I am a lot better than when I was on absolutely nothing at all.

    However my anxiety is still very up and down. For example this week Monday to Wednesday was great, I felt that everyday I was getting better and better and any normal thought would make me panic and my stomach knots were going. Then on Thursday out of nowhere my anxiety heightened and hasn't really come down since. It's not related to anything. I'm thinking this is the side effects still from the tablets as Ive read that anxiety can be one of the last things to go and for the full effects it can take longer for some people to get the full benefits.

    I have been like this for a few weeks at least and my heightened anxiety can come on radomly and go randomly sometimes with palpitations.

    Any thoughts on if I should give it more time or increase again or see someone?


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    I'm not sure how helpful I can be because I just started Effexor (75mg) today but reading your post made me feel better because my anxiety has been through the roof today. At a certain point I really felt like I was about to have a panic attack, but it didn't come to that. My p-doc warned me about this though: it's the whole "it gets worse before it gets better" thing. Since you've been on it for a reasonable amount of time, I don't know how normal it is, but since it doesn't happen everyday hopefully it'll just keep happening less and less. It's 3a.m here and I'm so wired I just feel like cleaning my house or something. It isn't particularly fun but since I was on Wellbutrin for 12 weeks and it did absolutely nothing for me (good or bad) I'm stupidly excited that this one is at least doing SOMETHING
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    I am on 150 mg effexor for 6 years and never experienced this
    I think it will be good if you take a low dose of antipsychotic with effexor
    Like seroquel

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