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Vyvanse (lisdexamphetamine)
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    Question Vyvanse (lisdexamphetamine)

    Since being on vyvanse I have had serious issues with compulsive skin picking and hair pulling (trichotillomania).

    Wondering what others' experiences have been like...

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    I'm on 70 mgs a day I am female and weight about 125. Oddly enough I hVe a prob picking skin, although I have lived with it throughout my life. I was always told it has to do w ocd but I can relate bc when I first take it I will get SUPER INVOLVED in whatever I'm doing for an extended period of time. My boyfriend will have to drag me away haha.

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    Thank you, hearing from you makes me feel less insane about this. I had been a "scab-picker" and nail biter my whole life, but nothing like this. This is actually my second time on vyvanse. The first time, it exacerbated a condition I had called neurodermatitis, which was basically anxiety and stress made my skin break out in these gross sores ALL over me, mostly arms legs and face, but also breasts & stomach. It mostly went away, but I am covered in the scars from it.

    My thing now is mostly hair pulling, started with legs & bikini area, usually ingrown hairs or any hairs in general, but the last few months I have been focusing on my face. I found like one stray hair and plucked it, and since then I will stand at the bathroom mirror for literally hours pulling any hair that I can see from like 4 inches away. It's crazy. Mind you I'm female. I don't have a facial hair problem or anything, but i'm scared I'm gonna get one if I keep this up. It's gotten so I can't take the med every day because of this. I waste so much time but I can't make myself walk away. It's like I'm in a trance, and it takes a hell of a lot to snap me out of it. Some nights I'll start around one am, and before I know it it's almost 5am and I hate myself...
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