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Want to stop taking Suboxone with Baclofen
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    Default Want to stop taking Suboxone with Baclofen


    I have been taking Suboxone ( 8-16 mg a day) with Baclofen (12-16 mg a day) for the past 8-10 months. I want to stop 1st taking Suboxone and then working on stopping Baclofen, I use that for my neuropathy and severe cramps in my extremities. I need help as to how to go about it, I have read the guide that Robert did and I want to do that but not sure how to incorporate the tapering of Baclofen into it.

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    Welcome to the boards! Don't worry so much: Follow Robert's guide for the suboxone and then let's tackle the baclofen. Can you get by with 8mg. of suboxone? You say 8-16 a day? Just hold off on the baclofen. Why are you taking suboxone anyway?

    Are you taking the sub in one or two doses?
    Can you get buy with 8 mg. of sub? (that's still a lot given the long half life

    I think we can get you through this if you stabilize on one dose and start your taper from there. Also remember that Robert's taper plan is not set in stone and can be adjusted on an individual basis.

    Let's figure out where you are and what you can tolerate. You might want to move your thread to the suboxone thread, that way it will be readily available.

    Let us know what advice you need


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