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xanax >> valium
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    Question xanax >> valium

    Why does it seem that doctors don't RX valium much anymore? why is xanax so much more popular? Anyone have experience with valium? I currently take xanax and am looking to switch.

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    Whether or not this is true I'm not sure, but Valium was commonly prescribed to housewives in the 60s, 70s, and even into the 80s. It was called "Mother's Little Helper". Maybe it was being widely abused and overprescribed, so doctors turned away from it. Just a theory. Anyway, I don't know that there's much difference between the two, other than individual responses may differ. My husband has been on both. The Xanax made him super-loopy, but the Valium downright knocked him out. They are both Benzos, prescribed for the same conditions, have longer half-life than most other benzo, and have similar side-effects.

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    According to wikipedia valium is now the least abused of the benzos. Xanax is the most, then klonopin, and thirdly ativan. I recommend trying ativan if you're looking to switch. I could never take it daily, but if you can handle the drowsiness and the short term memeory loss then the only other side effect is blurred vision.

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    Of all the benzos xanax has the SHORTEST half life of all (6-12 hours) valium has the longest (36-60 hours). There are some sources that say valium has a half life up to 100 hours. It depends on the individual.

    Xanax is prescribed more often today as xanax works so fast with the short half life for dealing with panic attacks. Valium lasts so long that klonopin is more often prescribed for general anxiety as it has a little shorter half life than the valium.

    Drs are learning that benzos are dangerously addictive. They don't pass them out like they used to even though they are still abused big time. Hope that helps. God bless.

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    Post switch from Ativan to Valium

    Is there anyone who can help me with a question, a pharmacist, or phychiatrist who perscribes Ativan and Valium.... My sister has been on 2 mgs of ativan a day for nervous/anxiety probles.... She took 1 in the morn and 1 in the eve.,. (2mgs) total...

    The Dr. switched her to Valium, and now she is taking 3 (5mg) pills a day, one in the morn, afternoon and evening... Dr. said that 15 mgs, was equivalant to 2 mgs of Ativan... but will last in her system longer... Is that true, I know that ativan is shorter acting, and valium is longer acting, but the dosage is what confused us, and we didn't get into the milligrams in different meds.. other than ativan starts at .50 and valium starts at 2 mgs....

    Does this sound like she is on the same dosage (or mg. amount), curious, and if it really lasts longer.... I know some people who are on 10 mgs (2 x daily)... but never on ATIVAN thank you

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    Default xanax klonopin

    horrific panic attacks and anxiety. Whats the difference if it helps you I'm 72 years old I tried other drugs they don' help. The few yeas let why can't i spend them panic and anxiety free for most of the time,

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    If you continue taking Xanax u will die ! Get off it while you can. Please take my advice

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