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adderall dosage over time
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    Default adderall dosage over time

    Adderall dependency and dosage over time?

    I suffered through school with ADD and my coping strategies for my ADD related depression were not healthy. At 25 as my responsibilities increased I decided to try adderall. It has done wonders and I finally feel capable in carrying out tasks that used to make me frustrated and panicky. Since taking adderall I am eating healthy and have stopped drinking entirely. I can stay in contact with people whereas before I often lost contact due to forgetfulness and distractions. So far it has been great! That being said, I do have a few fears. 1) If used as prescribed will I develop a dependency issue? 2a) Will my dosage always have to increase as I get older 2b) what I mean is will the benefits of adderall go away after prolonged use leaving me with a dependency on adderall with no real benefits or will the same dosage keep me productive provided it is not abused.

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    Back in junior High I took adderall ir 30mg twice daily for 3 and a half years, by the way I have aspergers and Add (attention deficit disorder), and the pills helped me out well. The problem started on my second year on it, when I found out that taking more seemed to help me better than the initial dose did and did that for a while until my parents were noticing that I came up short at the end of the month, I think that puberty was the probable culprit of me experimenting with it. Anyway my doctor took me off the adderall and put me on strattera, it didn't help me focus at all and would make me nauseous and tired. So a course of three to four months passed and the doctor prescribed me 18mg of concerta and Prozac ( don't remember the milligrams on the Prozac) I took the Prozac once in the morning and took the concerta twice, after 3 months passed I was up to 36 mg twice daily of concerta and in the middle of the second month my doctor switched me from the Prozac to Zoloft, ( wasn't helping with my depression). It worked for a year and a half but after that I started to get dizzy during the summertime, and I would studder, procrastinate, and forget things that I was supposed to have learned. So my doctor switched me to adderall IR 30 mg twice daily again, but seems to not work as well as it used to, by the way I'm about to graduate from high school and I'm 18 and weigh about 136 lbs, could my doctor find a way to make the dose stronger or make it more efficient? I hear 60mg is the max per day but can my doctor bring it up just a bit more?

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