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Adderall+Sleep Deprivation?
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    Default Adderall+Sleep Deprivation?

    I am a college student and have just recently started taking Adderall as a treatment for Adult ADD. I am not entirely sure if it's working for me, because lately I've been ditracted in class, but I have also been functioning off of about 5 hours of sleep a night max for the last 2 weeks. Does anybody know if sleep deprivation can cause a decrease in effectiveness of Adderall, or had experience with this? Thanks!

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    actually it would be that a side effect of Adderall is insomnia. it is a stimulant. so your sleep if off because of the adderall. make sure you take it in the morning if you take the capsules or only take the morning dose if you have the tablets. depending on the strength you may also want to lower the dose when you talk to the doctor
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    I take 20 mg 4 times a day and it does not interfere with my sleep, if you take it to late in the day it can cause sleep disturbances

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    These people are talking about different things. Insomnia is the inability to go to sleep when you're tired and would like to sleep, but sleep deprivation is a physical choice not to sleep. Anyway, to answer your question, YES. Sleep deprivation causes things that you don't actually notice. If you're like me, then you "suffer" from sleep deprivation almost everyday, and it could be that you've grown accustomed to the side effects.

    Sleep Deprivation and/or Insomnia (5h sleep or 48h w/o sleep) Effects:
    -Lack of Balance,
    -Decreased Logic
    -Mood swings, depression, aggression
    -Confusion over simple tasks
    -More likely to become irritated, edgy, annoyed, helpless, suicidal, careless, and/or frustrated.
    -Increased sweating
    -Hallucinations, Visual disturbances (e.g. ink blots, colorful patterns of abstract shapes, etc.)
    -Decreased psychomotor skills, as well as lack of focusing abilities
    [these are some side effects you may experience from a lack of sleep]

    Adderall Effects:
    +Increased energy
    +Increased ability to focus
    +Boost in confidence
    +Euphoria (at higher doses)
    -Increased sweating
    [these are a few effects from adderall consumption]

    As you can see, most of these effects counter-act each other. For me, I can drink 3 cups of strong coffee in the morning along with my adderall, and then It helps me concentrate. Drinking coffee, however, will shorten the duration of adderall because coffee is acidic (believe it or not) and all amp's (amphetamines) are bases, so absorption in the small intestine and stomach is decreased or slowed.

    Hope I helped!

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