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adipex and other uses
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    Default adipex and other uses

    I am doing research on diet drugs and came across the drug adipex which is a weight loss (app. supp.), however, in my research, I found that it also may be used for other purposes, but it does not say for what other purposes and I can not find anything else, other than weight loss, what it would be used for.
    If anyone knows anything about this drug I would like to hear your comments.

    Thanks, Tina

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    Tina, your question got me curious too and I searched everywhere, but I am not finding any off-label or alternate uses for adipex or phentermine (its active ingredient). If anyone knows, I would love to hear what other uses it has as well.

    I suspect it may help with things like fatigue but so far, no documentation to confirm those suspicions.


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    Default just started taking Adipex

    I was wondering if someone knows about how much weight you should lose in the first month?

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