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Allergic reaction to latuda after a month
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    Default Allergic reaction to latuda after a month

    Hey there. I was prescribed Latuda last month and started taking it around the 6th at 20mg then upped to 30mg around the 24th. I've experienced the typical muscle tightness and trouble sleeping, but my mood has been much better (I've bipolar disorder), and even the previously mentioned side effects are improving.

    New Years eve I broke out into hives all over my body at a party at a popup venue in an old warehouse. I left and took benadryl thinking maybe there were chemical residues or something on a couch I was sitting on. The hives cleared. Then they returned last night. My face is somewhat swollen. The reaction appears quickly. I have changed my skin regimen so I'm trying to use no new products and will see if there's a difference.

    Just think it's odd to possibly react to Latuda after almost a month? I'm allergic to sulpha so who knows. I hadn't taken latuda for the evening when the hives first appeared. I took it on time last night and the hives appeared at about 10pm like they did the first night. So the timing is odd.

    Any advice or comments?

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    That's odd...My advice is to ask your prescribing doctor about it, and if he can't help you, try reaching out to an Internal Medicine doctor.

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