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    Default Allergies

    Last year I had a tough time breathing, through the months of April til Oct. Also swallowing. It was horrible, and this year I pray it doesn't happen again. It must of been allergies. What else could it be. Is their any over the counter medication that is really good for that. Thanks in advance.

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    Plain old pseudoephedrine works wonders for my allergies.

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    Default Allergies and breathing...

    Breathing problems are always serious. You may need a steroid inhaler through the allergy season (albuterol for rescue and a maintenance inhaler). Nebulizer treatments will help, too. Go to the docs - get some drugs. But you can start to strengthen your body right now for the future. Detox your body, good regimen of vitamins and minerals and antioxidants, start eating "GREEN" (as close to nature as possible - look at the labels!) and stay hydrated with water!
    Zyrtec OTC works fine for allergies - take at night in case it makes you drowsy. Also, start on a good regimen of vitamins and minerals and antioxidants - you will have to research this for allergies (dosing info) as a regular old multivitamin is NOT enough. I highly recommend grape seed extract (100 mg) and vitamin C (1000 mg) 2 x each day, which works together, glutathione (!) and Probiotics - this is to help your body get through the following years of allergies and possibly prevent them from even happening. This is in addition to a multivitamin. Do the research - your body should be able to fight these allergens, but it takes commitment and the desire to feel better!
    If you experience severe breathing issues and a very swollen throat, you should head to the ER immediately.

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