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Am I doing enough?
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    Default Am I doing enough?

    Hey ,

    I've finished my GCSEs and am starting A levels. I'm doing Biology, Chemistry, Maths and English Literature. If everything goes perfectly, I would like to get A*A*A*a (AS English Literature)- obviously this is wishful thinking!

    The thing is, I'm finding the anticipated gap between A level and GCSE less than expected and I'm not really finding any of the stuff very interesting. Am I doing enough? Is English Literature a good AS option? Should I do 4A2s?Should I do five A levels?

    I just feel a little. Numb about college. I'm neither enjoying or not enjoying it and I'm just finding it rather dull.

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    Default Am I doing enough?

    Hi dear,
    Yes you are doing enough. It is a good combination, but I think instead of English you should choose the Physics for your A level, than it will become best combination for you.

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    Me Also Doing Enough I think we should take some relaxation Good to see you
    here man...

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