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Anti Depressants
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    Default Anti Depressants

    Talk to your doctor about alternative treatment for depression.

    Some studies show that:
    A small number of children, teenagers, and young adults (up to 24 years of age) who took antidepressants ('mood elevators') such as sertraline during clinical studies became suicidal (thinking about harming or killing oneself or planning or trying to do so). Children, teenagers, and young adults who take antidepressants to treat depression or other mental illnesses may be more likely to become suicidal than children, teenagers, and young adults who do not take antidepressants to treat these conditions. However, experts are not sure about how great this risk is and how much it should be considered in deciding whether a child or teenager should take an antidepressant.
    You look up all the Full list of what exactly is in any anti depressant and you will be shocked.
    I found some of the ingrediants in a general house hold products and i was shocked to learn about what it was and what it does.
    It was a big wake up call for me and i went straight to the doctor and he advised me how to come of them.
    anti depressants only work because you want them to not because they actually work.
    I think doctors should stop perscribing these harmfull medications to patients i think therapy is a good way to go.

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    "Anti-depressants" feel like a total joke to me. The only drugs that do ******************** for my "Dysthymia/Depression" are drugs that get me high.

    Wellbutrin was pretty crazy, though; Worst week I've had in a while.

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