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    is it just me, or do you think pills absolutely change the patient completely? I mean, if I were to ask for a pill, to fix being anti-social, that isn't really who I am....I feel like taking a drug that changes who you are, are never good in the long run, because you will always end up coming back to the place you trying to run away from in the first place. does anyone else agree? I guess in some cases people really do need to take pharmaceuticals, but is it ever considered a good thing, without anything negative coming eventually. Pills honestly scare me, just because how bad they can take you away from your old self, even if it is for the better.

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    Default happy as u r

    "Better" is a relative term. If you are anti social and happy about it then I would say that the drugs are not going to help much and would generally not be advisable.On the other hand if your behavior was problematic for you and was affecting your quality of life then possibly when putting together a plan for changing the behavior a drug may be a useful tool.I too am very consevative and skeptical when it comes to "quick fixes" but have used meds to help me get to where I want to be.The thing is to evaluate the need,your long term goal and the effectivness.(do you want to change,can the drug assist with the change,how will you know if it is helping,how do you plan to maintain the changes so you can stop taking the drug, and finally,are the side effects acceptable when evaluated against the benifits)
    Its wise to be cautious.Always be your own advocate,but dont just say no to useful tools without looking hard at your goals.You wouldnt try to dig a hole with a hammer just because you knew someone who got hurt by a shovel.

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