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Back Injections
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    Hi all, I'm sorry I haven't posted here recently. I've been dealing with hellishly bad back pain for the past 2 years. My back pain got so bad around December of 1012 that I cut myself on my left arm 3 times to take the pain away from my back. Then I went to talk to my pharmacist about was going on. I broke down in tears in front of him while talking to him. He immediately brought me to the room that is used for when someone needs to talk to the pharmacist in private. My pharmacist is awesome, he listened to me while I told him what was going on. Then he said to make an appointment to see my doctor and he said to have my doctor call him. He told my doctor what was going on with my back pain and how I resorted to cutting myself for taking the pain away from my back.

    My doctor got me into a pain management clinic for treatment. The doctor at the clinic is really good. He assessed my back pain and told me that I have degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis. He then recommended that I get epidural injections in my back. Those epidurals are a >>>>ing life saver. He then prescribed me Dilaudid 1mg for breakthrough pain and Hydromorph Contin for long acting pain control. I am now also taking pain management classes at the clinic. Those classes are very helpful and informative. During that bad pain episode last December I also became very depressed. When I showed my doctor the scars on my arm from the cutting I scared the >>>> out of him.
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    People do all kinds of things trying to redirect pain. I've banged my head against the wall until it left bloody prints when I had a bad migraine breakthrough. You might want to think about therapy. I hate to see anyone start in with cutting. It can become addicting and you will have to live with the scars.

    At any rate, I'm glad you found a pain management clinic to help you. I hope things continue to improve for you.

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