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Back pain solution
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    Default Back pain solution

    Hello every one..

    Somebody help me, For my back pain torture ..

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    What is it with backs? They seem to go out on a lot of people.
    Probably the best solution is to first see your doc for a script of muscle relaxants, and then have him recommend a good physical therapist. they can work on your back as well as give you safe exercises to strengthen the back muscles.

    Most good insurance plans will take some or most of the cost of physical therapy.
    Don't take this personally, but if you are carrying some extra weight around, you might want to trim down. Extra weight seems to put a strain on the back.

    Faded time
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    Nowadays caused of lower back pain disease was a spinal muscle, nerves, bones, discs or tendons.

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    Massage could benefit people who want to maintain their back health and who get occasional soreness.
    If you have a good masseuse, it's great, and If you don't, they can totally mess it up.
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