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Bad eating habits
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    Default Bad eating habits

    What do they say to help maintain a healthy diet? To all the food lovers, I'm one of them. I'm medium weight and eat takeaways everyday whether it'll be a large doner kebab or chicken and chips. I will go out every night to Tesco to get sweets, doritos/dip, chocolates, drinks etc even if I'm not hungry. Why? I just love food...

    I want to get out of the habit but if I know I have a choice between eating pasta or a takeaway, it's just sooo hard to sticking to pasta.

    Because of this, I would say my health is not very good but because I love sport soo much, it makes it in the middle. Now I'm doing long runs, sprint intervals and a lot of other physical activities everyday. I am not sure if this contributes to me wanting to eat all the time... but this is what makes me average weight otherwise I would for sure be over weight. (thank god for my parents for also being sportive)

    Now I many who does sport also has a positive diet, I am the only one I know that is stuck in between here. Anyone here loved fat food soo much but managed to have a healthy diet after???? If so I'd love to hear from you to how you did it, for me it's very hard right now...

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    Your eating habbit can be bad for your health.chips,chicken etc have lot's of callories that can be reason for diabetes and digestion problem.if you have a eating habbit,then eat a healthy food like vegetables,fruits etc which have lot's of vitamins.

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