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Blood pressure taken in a doctor's office
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    Default Blood pressure taken in a doctor's office

    I have a question.
    Why do doctor's or there assistance only take your blood pressure once.
    When we use a blood pressure monitor at home, we are advised to take 3 readings and the average the readings.
    Thank you

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    When I started with a new doctor once every time they took my blood pressure it was high for the first 5 visits or so. I've never had high bp but for some reason it was when I went to the doctor, pain or nerves who knows, rift before they were going to put me on bp meds they got a normal reading.

    I don't imagine it would be worth their time to take patients bp more than once, but they don't go by one or two readings anyway, they just chart it and observe, and even before thinking you may have high bp they ask you to monitor it at home to be sure.

    I don't know if I've been any help at all, but good luck and hope it all works out.

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