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Bulging disc questions and concerns?
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    Default Bulging disc questions and concerns?

    Im new to this site, this is only my 2nd post so im sorry if i do anything wrong. Anyway, since october I've been having severe lower back pain right above my waist line. For a few months i withstood the pain, bought a new mattress thinking my 20 year old bed was the reason. So 6 months after dealing with the pain, i eventually went to my doc for it. Had a xray nothing, then a mri. The mri showed a mild disc bulge in l4-l5. The doctor said it should heal it self in 4 weeks. He wants me to see a neurologist and do physical therapy, how will this help. Ive tried shots and everything. The only thing that has helped me is pain pills, but i dont want to become dependant to this stuff. My doc currently has me on oxycodone ir 10 mg 4 x a day and gabpentin for the pain in my legs due to nerves from the bulge. How can it heal in 4 weeks if its been hurting since october. Ive been in 4 car accidents in the past, i think this is where it came from. Can somebody please give me some insight and support. Im really worried and frustrated, i cant do anything but lay down and rest my back or lift more then 15 pounds. Im only 21 if that helps any. Thanks. You guys on this forum is awesome!

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    Ask your doctor for a scheduled tapering dose (7 to 10 days) of prednisone. And get "Treat Your Own Back" by Robin McKenzie.

    You are right to be concerned about the pain pills. Best to reserve them for occasional use only, not daily.

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    I would find another doctor. Not all of them are the same. It's your life and your are in control. Good luck to you.

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