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C-Section and back pain
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    Default C-Section and back pain

    Hoping to get some advice for my sis. She was/is a mother of two, natural births no problems. Last year she had her 3rd child. She was torn on the decision but opted for a Csection as that was advised being days past her due date.

    Anyway, she contunally complains about back pains and i would like to offer some advice to her. She never experienced anything like this or really any physical discomfort before this.

    She is a recovered alcoholic and has never gone down the pill addiction road - very smart and weary of taking anything to help her with pain although she has pills given by the Dr to help. She does NOT want to take a risk of becoming addicted to pain meds.

    Any of you girls on here or Med profesionals have experience with something of this sort? Is there anything you can tell me that i can relay to her that might help? Excercises? surgery? icy hot patches?? any other options?

    appreciate any help/advice.

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    Replying to myself here - almost 500 views and no input whatsover! Guess i am wrong about what i thought this site was all about...

    So a buddy of mine gave me a box of 'Lidoderm' patches. It's 5% lidocaine (which i will reserach further prior to giving these to her). He says is very expnsive stuff so i guess we'll see if the old " you get what you pay for holds true". Well, i've gotta re-think that...they were free, so?

    Anyway, it's a sealed box and there are 30 patches. The exp isnt until 8/14 so hopefully more reseacrh will prove positive and i will give these to here and hope it helps.

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    I had a c section also. The pain was awful. I don't know how else I would of got thru if it wasn't for pain meds!! I think the patches that you speak of would help a lot. I took the meds as prescribed for a week straight. Didn't get physically addicted but it mentally killed me. I stopped them & had no problem after that for a long time. Sorry. I don't have much advice. But I feel her pain. It's awful.

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