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clindamycin gel for Acne
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    Default clindamycin gel for Acne

    My son's doctor told us to wash this off. I can't figure out why?? Has anyone else used this for acne, and did you wash it off?
    He told us to mix it with the Benzoyl Peroxide, which means we're washing that off too! We've used that before and never washed it off.
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    As far as I'm aware you or your doctor maybe are misunderstood. He could have meant pat a towel or something if there is excess medication just so its not on the area or possibly wash the area BEFORE putting the medication on. I suppose maybe wash it off to prevent it getting into the eye or if you are taking other medication that interacts with it. Or maybe to prevent systemic absorption of the drug for some reason. Just a bunch of random ideas but there is not some definite, good reason I can think of. I can not think of any reason you would HAVE to wash off the medication though in normal circumstances. I would call the office and simply ask. If you find out, let me know, thanks!
    ---I answer questions to the best of my ability, but with always limited knowledge of the patient's situation and no ability to see your chart or full medical history my advice is limited and should also be confirmed with your own doctor/pharmacist/etc. Also, I do not promote following my advice without proper approval from your doctor either--

    Dr. B

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