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Codeine >>. DXM (antitussives)
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    Default Codeine >>. DXM (antitussives)

    There are many similarities between DXM and codeine. For example, both are antitussives (i.e. they suppress coughing) that are used worldwide, and both are purported to be equally effective antitussives. But there is one major difference between the two in the U.S.: DXM is available over-the-counter, while codeine is only attainable with a prescription (assuming you're a good law-abiding citizen, which I'm sure you are )

    In the early '60s, DXM completely replaced codeine in the U.S., obviously because codeine, as an opioid, naturally runs a high risk for abuse. And this abuse is well documented. I once heard that 95 percent of codeine use in France is recreational. But honestly, did a little (or even a lot) codeine ever hurt anybody?

    DXM, on the other hand, is an extremely powerful drug that, as a dissociative, produces effects very similar to PCP (angle dust) and ketamine (special K), and what is perhaps most frightening, many people who have used the drug heavily have reported cognitive impairment that has stuck with them even years after quitting. I haven't been able to find anything suggesting that codeine is damaging to the brain, unlike the massive amounts of literature which suggest that DXM abuse can lead to a whole slew of brain problems. Also, there are frequent deaths related to DXM.

    As luck would have it, DXM is most popular amongst the teenage crowd. Isn't it great to think that America's youth are destroying their brains with cough syrup?!?

    The tables need to be turned. The lesser of two evils needs to be slain. DXM needs to be completely done away with, and America needs to be reintroduced to its erstwhile friend codeine.

    I'm sure some of you have tried DXM. Thoughts?

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    Great feedback on similarities and dissimilarities on both the drugs! I think The DXM is a dissociative drug so it is in the same class as both PCP & has been found that with high doses DXM is considered to be entheogenic whereas codeine is relatively safe as it is not very potent and can be considered one of the weaker opiates.

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