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Could it be Pleurisy or Costochondritis?
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    Default Could it be Pleurisy or Costochondritis?

    I have been having some pain in left breast mostly when taking deep breaths every now & then with no other symtoms,I been to heart dr a couple times in last month & its not heart related issues! Could it be pleurisy or Costochondritis? I have had pleurisy before! thanks!

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    There is no possibly way to diagnose that on the internet. It could be anything. I think you need to see a primary physician (also called family doctors or general practitioners.) Your heart doctor can rule out heart disease but he won't really check for lungs, muscles, etc. That's what the primary does.

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    I've costochondritis (chest wall pain) which is inflammation of the cartilage between your ribs & sternum (breast bone). I went tto the ER via ambulance (1) they thought it was intergeston & prescribe nexium which didn't help at all. I went to my Dr & he gave me angina meds which didn't help either; so (2) went back to ER via ambulance cause the pain have gotten worst & every breath I took hurted more & more

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