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Depo Provera
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    Exclamation Depo Provera

    I just started the shot monday and my boyfriend and I want to have a little rendez vous this coming monday. He doesn't want to use a condom. I just wanted to know if I would be covered by the shot by then. I had gotten it when I was on my period and it will have been a week on monday.

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    Hi Rianelacretia
    After 24 hours, the shot is effective birth control for the next 13 weeks.
    Have fun !!!

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    I am concerned about the same thing!!! It says it is effective within 24 hours but I am just curious as to how effective this is. many women seem to be very pleased with the results, but I'm always overly cautious. Let me know how it worked for you, you aren't pregnant yet right ??? My bf and I are discussing the same decision, we just want to be smart and safe and know that if a condom is not used, I won't get pregnant. If you have any advice for me I'm more than willing to hear it! Thanks...


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    Hey Im new to this website and would like to know if anybody going threw the same effects. I started my first shot of deposit 01/24/18 my next shot was due 4/24 but had unprotected sex on the 10th and 25th. 15 weeks after my first shot. Starting 4/29 I have been spotting very little with clear water discharge and turned brown. It's been two weeks of this and was wondering should I get a test or this is my menstrual coming back?

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