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Down from 95mg methadone a day to 10mg a day after 2 years
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    Default Down from 95mg methadone a day to 10mg a day after 2 years

    So after 2 long years for me as I was determined I am down to the last 10mg of methadone . I was 175lbs and since I have been down under 50mg a day I have went up to 230lbs and cannot for the life of me loose it. I also have no energy and am on 30mg of Prozac, 30 mg of propanol , 20mg of Oxybutin , 54 mg of concerta and recently added 100mg of seroquel xr before bed to sleep since being so low on methadone I haven't been able to sleep In months . The weight gain came before the seroquel and the Prozac ahod offset it. I still have no engery at work or motivation at all. I am a father now with a good job and I want to keep it and my family but need this weight off and to get back in shape and have my energy back.

    Thanks all

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    WoW Medder!!! I know your still having a hard time but that is very impressive!!! I mean it!!! Good for you!!! if I were you I would keep going and try to knock off one med at a time...most of the pills your on make you gain weight so when you can knock them off the weeight will fall off to!!! Please keep posting and tell us how your doing!!!I was on a lot of the same drugs and when I got off them the weight fell off!!!

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