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Drug disposal
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    Default Drug disposal

    How do I get rid of drugs that are out of date/dangerous?

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    Flush them, put them down garbage disposal...

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    Flushing is fine, except there's evidence that trace amounts of drugs end up in the water table, which potentially can cause concern. Another option to consider is placing them in any bio haz box at any clinic, like a sharps receptacle, they will ultimately be incinerated, which is the very best way to rid them for good.

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    Flushing is definitely bad for the environment, but I've been known to do it in the past. Legally, you aren't supposed to put it in biohazardous waste. I work for a doctor and have lots of outdated samples to get rid of. I got caught once putting it in with the bio waste and the waste company sent me info about where to send it but it was a pain. You are supposed to inventory it, write down the stock numbers or something, fill out all these forms.... So, yes, I do include it with my bio waste. I just wrap it up good and disguise it. So at least it is incinerated and disposed of correctly, if not legally. But flushing or throwing in the garbage is bad for the environment.

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