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drug test
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    Angry drug test

    I recently had to take a drug test for my doctor. It was kinda forced, due to him getting raided by attorney generals office, and FBI. I am currently prescribed soma, and vicodin for fibromyalgia. The test results said there was oxycodone in my system, but I never took any oxycodone. Why would this be there? My doctor then asked me to re-test just for the oxycodone in my system. I also need to mention that he billed my insurance $350 for the test. The second test will cost my insurance $75. I need to know why this is coming up in my results, can't afford anymore tests!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!

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    Maybe they made a mistake. You can get home drug tests at a lot of stores now like walgreens, etc. If i were in your position i would buy one and show them the results.

    Or, maybe someone slipped you one without you knowing it, but probably not likely.

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    there is quite a few things that could have happened what you need to do is take a blood test for accuracy and also there are tests available to time line use and metabolites. when you take some reg. panel test the error margin is pretty need specific work done. the test could very well of read it wrong or was mislabeled i've seen that happen at a methadone clinic before. go get specific blood work now and you'll prevail if what you say is true it will show. drugs metabolize different and you can certainly get this done anywhere for accurate readings.

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