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endocet >> hydrocodone
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    Default endocet >> hydrocodone

    My friend was prescribed 7.5/750mg of hydrocodone/apap for his knee surgery and it isn't helping. We also have endocet 5/500mg. How much stronger is the endocet compared to the hydrocodone?? Does anyone know??

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    I don't know for what are these medications BUT, if you are looking for somthing for pain... your friend should try also natural ways... like anti inflamatory cherries, ginger, tumeric (curry), also there is an old remedy: take a hand full of golden raisinsput them in a glass or container, and cover them with gin, and let it avaporate for 7 to 10 days, then eat about 10raisins each day, it will take about a month before start noticing... if he/she doesn't then this remedy is not for him/her; about 25% of people don't notice any improvement. another way: drink 100% organic concord grape juice and add certo (a couple une Qt bottle), drink un glass every day. ALL OF THIS ARE ANTI INFLAMATORY and are good for pain.

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