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ER issues after being out on Suboxone, what do I do?
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    Post ER issues after being out on Suboxone, what do I do?

    I will give this one more try. I have posted this issue several times and it keeps getting deleted.

    I have never used illegal drugs, ever. I have never abused prescription drugs either. I have always followed my doctors orders to the letter.

    I was put on Suboxone for chronic pain 2 years ago. After my other specialists complained and insisted I be put back on morphine, my pain specialist put me back on morphine, but insisted I stay on Suboxone as well. Ever since being put on Suboxone I have had issues in th emergency room and was even told by two hospitals that they could no longer see me for any related issues. I found that every time I had to go to the ER they would immediately label me a drug seeker / addict. I would always go to the same ER, they would call my pain Dr and then the ER doctor would say he didn't agree but he would treat me. I did everything requested of me, followed all the rules all the procedures and yet ever time the same thing, banned from the ER.

    I would explain to my pain doctor what was happening and he would just say, to find a different ER. Then after a big incident, my pain doctor explained that Suboxone is not FDA approved for pain and that while its onside red an off label use his hospital, his partners and other medical professionals frown on prescribing it for pain. He also said that he should never have been prescribing Suboxone and morphine together. He accepted full responsibility, but also insisted that I stay on Suboxone because he was concerned about the FDA and the stat medical board. He also put me on Butrans Patches, 10mcg and 20mcg an hour.

    The patches wound up making me sick, just as the Suboxone film tabs have and so I called the MFG. they explained that what I am experiencing are all listed side effects of Both Suboxone and Butrans, but also that both drugs should not be prescribed together.

    My nephrologist, G.I. specalist, my rheumatologist and my general practitioner have all recommended I stop taking the Suboxone and Butrans patches and find another pain I have stopped taking the Suboxone and Butrans Patches, but I am in extreme pain. I had to go back to the ER again last night and they drug tested me and since I was bleeding from my kidney and I was now off the Suboxone they offered to treat me with morphine. I refused. They gave me Tordol and some other medications after contacting my nephrologist and general practitioner, but insisted I be admitted.

    Now, why is it that my pain doctor insists I take Suboxone. He will not give me a straight answer, no one will. I have no history of drug abuse and this issue didn't even come up until my old pain specalist retired and I was transferred to this new one. Everyone is trying to handle my case with kid gloves, even other pain specialists are refusing to take me as a new patient just for a second opinion, no drugs just an eval. One doctor today told me he hated to say it, but I am in a difficult situation. I have a legitamate verifiable medical condition which is known to cause extreme, yes, extreme pain, but for which there is no surgical option available at this time. The only option is long term pain management. But, because of the Suboxone he is unable to take me as a new patient.

    What can I do? Do I have any options?

    Please if this is deleted again, please tell me why. Please!

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    I don't have answers for your questions, however, are you still on suboxone? I cannot believe that a doctor would prescribe both of those medications at the same time as the naloxone in the subs should cancel out the morphine. This is just a guess. I know that some people on other boards have spoken about suboxone being used to treat chronic pain, I have no idea whether this is an approved method or not. Get your records and SHOW them what you were prescribed, get your insurers, gp everyone involved. Tell them you'll get a lawyer. I don't understand why one of your other doctors are not speaking up for you. That's all I can say.

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    This is insane,you should have one of your "regular"drs'refer you to a different pain specialist,and you need to get an attorney,asap!I can't believe you are being treated this way,I know the E.R. docs are hardened after seeing so many 'drug addicts'looking for meds,but it's blatantly obvious you aren't one of them!Please don't give up,you WILL find an m.d. willing to help!

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