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Expired tylenol 3s
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    Post Expired tylenol 3s

    I found a couple expired Tylenol 3s. When I mean expired, I mean very expired. They are about 10 years of age. However, they appear to be in good condition. Would it be bad to take them? I have read that expiration date on some medications does not matter, but that the acetaminophen could be hazardous after this long.

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    The general issue is not that it could be hazardous, there is a lot of mythology out there even from pharmacists and doctors. It's studies pushed by the pharmaceutical companies so that you have to buy more. More. MORE!!

    All in all the most common side effect of age is actually the deterioration of the chemicals effectiveness. It potentially could still be just as beneficial as before, however, there is the risk of it not working as well as it's supposed to.

    That is the answer to your question. However it should also be asked why you intend to use these. If it is expired than you should see a doctor to see if whatever ailes you qualifies as requiring T3's. Abusing T3's is VERY hard on the liver as they do contain caffeine and acetamipohen. And trust me, the stomach pain from the misuse of the drug is usually worse than the benefit from it if your liver isn't in perfect condition.

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    I can't always get to the doctor a state away and have needed to use the boys ADHD meds to hold them over without any problems. Tried using old RX's on myself to get me thru until Dr and saw no difference in pain meds either....Sorry I think they pharmacies / dr/s out there incouraging new because old doesn't give them $$$$ . Tried and I say OLD (10yrs old) and work fine....

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