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Extreme Nausea when taking Hydrocodone
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    Default Extreme Nausea when taking Hydrocodone

    I have a horribly decayed tooth. I am scheduled to have it extracted but the oral surgeon has instructed me to take antibiotics for 10 days before surgery. The pain is very nearly unbearable. He has prescribed me Lorcet 7.5's. Unfortunately I am unable to take them, because every time I take one I throw up after about an hour. I was instructed by someone at the emgergency room to take half of one. I'm still throwing up. I also feel extremely sick and "drunk". I've tried eating when I take them. What can I do about the pain? I also have to work every day so it's not possible for me to take a med. that is going to make me feel drunk.

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    Default Reaction

    Hi: My mom has the same reaction to opiates. Make her super sick. Green. She has the dentist prescribe her Darvon instead.

    Just a suggestion!


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    Go to the pharmacy or corner store and buy some Gravol.Take the prescribed amount on the box and wait another 20-30 minutes and then take your pain pill. When you get a shot of demerol at the hospital you always get it with gravol mixed in the needle with the demerol.Otherwise opiate intolerent patients will throw up violently.So take the gravol or any motion sickness med for that matter.....Good luck ....Dave

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