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False Positive for Methadone
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    Default False Positive for Methadone

    The clinic I go to for pain management requires drug screenings for narcotics. Both prior to writing the initial script and randomly after that. They usually test between every 3-5 months. I went for a drug screen Friday. However, I just couldn't go in time(it was close to closing time) no matter how much water I drank. I had to come back Monday to try to fulfill the requirement. When I showed up Monday the cup had been left on the small shelf above the toilet, with the lid off, all weekend. I filled the cup no problem, and eventually the nurse came in with the results. She said I tested positive for Methadone. I was about to leave, as they wanted me to come back and try again in a few days, but I asked if it would help if I provided another sample. She said I can try. The second test did show some degree of Methadone but she said "it was just below the line" or cosmetician to that extent and that they considered it a negative. So how can two urine tests in a row come back positive for Methadone when I haven't taken any?

    Currently I am on Lisinopril(for high blood pressure), Tramadol, Soma, Ibuprofen, Lortab 7.5 and Elavel(just at bed time to help me sleep). This combination of drugs has never triggered a false positive before.

    It has me really concerned because the clinic is income based, and financially I can not afford to be kicked out of the clinic as they fill all my scripts for me with the exception of the Lortab.
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    it's the tramadol you must be taking alot. Samething happened to me.

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    Even though methadone is considered a full on agonist, when it comes to U.I testing it does not fall into the opiate/opioid category. It requires a special test to show up.

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