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False Positive for Opiates
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    Unhappy False Positive for Opiates

    I am currently in an IOP for benzo addiction. I have been completely clean for approx. 7 weeks now. I take weekly Urine Analysis tests for Benzos, Cocaine, Opiates, Oxycodone/Oxymorphone, Ethylglucuronide?, and THC all by EIA (Enzyme Immunoassay) type test.
    Yesterday I took a test and today I got the results and it showed a positive for Opiates. I have taken absolutely nothing in the past 6 weeks. I ate a lemon poppy seed muffin about a week ago but as far as I know there should be no way that would have caused a false positive yesterday.
    I feel like I've been punched in the gut as even I wouldn't trust the word of an addict over a drug test... and yet here I am. I have no reason to post some kind of lie here. It seems to me that the only plausible answer for this false positive was a mistake in the lab either causing contamination or straight up mixing samples and peoples names up. This all sounds so ridiculous but what else could it have been?
    I take 200mg Wellbutrin SR, 75mg Zoloft, and 40mg Protonix daily. I take Ibuprofen for headaches as well, 400mgs per dose maybe 3 times a week max.
    My sleeping schedule is off as I have been picking up overnight shifts at work to earn extra money. I have had nothing strange to eat the last few days.

    Please, Please, Please give me some advise here!!!!

    Oh and I did ask for and took another test today. My Creatinine levels have been steady (190 a week ago, 202 yesterday), but I don't understand the "Creatinine Adjusted Value"... that reads 90 next to the positive result for Opiates reading of 200 ng/mL.

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    I was in IOP, and IO was told poppy seed muffins CAN cause a false positive drug test. I dont know if that is true but that is what i was told

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    When I was taking suboxone I was tested monthly and never took a vic I was clean June 23rd 2010, but twice I was popped on amphetamine and PCP, the second time I got taken into another room and the doc was telling me that he was going to send it to the lab I said go right ahead because I don't even know what pcp is and I certainly wasn't doing amphetamines. Everything came back clean from the lab, i think the first time the doc was trying to trick me into admitting something as I am sure he has dealt with harder addicts than me. I think I was a pretty harmless addict and really wanted of the vics.

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