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Finding the right Primary Physician
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    Question Finding the right Primary Physician

    Hello there.

    First off I'd like to say that this is my first time on the website and these forums, so if I'm posting this question in the wrong thread that would be why (sorry about that!)

    Let's just get right to it then:

    My mom and dad recently moved to Fort Wayne, IN with me, from our home town of Palm Beach, FL. My dad is only 55 but he deals with a lot of chronic pain, with his biggest issue being the neuropathy in his feet.

    The problem is he needs a new doctor, and a new doctor that won't think he's drug-seeking and actually listen to him. My question is how can we find him a doctor that is going to help him? He went from taking OxyCodone 30MG a couple times a day, everyday, to taking none at all. I watched him go through the worst of the withdrawals and I do think he's done with it now (which is good) but although he may be done with the withdrawal, I can literally see the pain in his eyes.

    How can my family find a doctor (he won't have insurance until November) without having to drive to each one, only to be turned down by his request of something better for the pain than Tramadol 30's they give him. Money is extremely tight right now.. he is too unhealthy to work and I go to school full-time as well as work full-time alongside my mother to help with the bills.

    For anyone who took the time to read this, thank you so much.

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    edit: they are Tramadol 50's.. sorry about that.

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    Welcome, and nothing but best wishes for your Dad, I can definitely relate to chronic pain. One thread you might look at that might offer some alternatives, at least while off insurance and depending on how you go forward is the Thomas Recipe thread (link included). It's definitely helped me in a lot of ways.
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