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This forum is neat!
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    Default This forum is neat!

    Okay, "neat" dates me a little but I still like the idea that (one of the best websites on the Internet, IMHO) has a forum. I just discovered it this morning.

    Actually, I do have a question that someone might know the answer to. Awhile back an acquaintance told me she had taken 29 Valium over a period of a few hours. I know Valium is some kind of heavy duty downer so I really am dubious about her claim. Is it be possible for someone to take that many Valium and live through it? I think they were 10mg. each. Bear in mind this woman probably has resistance to a lot of stuff as I get the impression she'd take anything to get a high or buzz. If it's true, I just can't figure out why anyone would senselessly risk their life for a buzz.

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    I agree, and forums in general are some of neatest parts of the internets This one is particulary good IMHO as there is so much about drugs that is misunderstood and often the labels they apply are just trivial with their generic warnings and such - It really helps to have input from everyday people.

    The question you ask about risking life for a buzz is one of those eternally undefined ones that a million restless nights of families across the world can not answer definitively.

    One universal point that applies to both drugs and alcohol is that once you are under their influence rational thinking sorta takes a hiatus - take that into consideration while pondering your friends decisions.

    Welcome to the forum and I hope to see you posting all over the place.

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    Believe it or not, it's not deadly (very dumb maybe) but unless mixed w/ other meds' or alcohol will just leave you in a worthless slumber for a few days. Valium is in a class of drugs called benzodiazepines, downers are/were a popular slang for barbituates which
    are not prescribed near as much as 30-40 years ago, but yeah people use the slang "downers" for any pain med - benzo - anti psychotic etc...these days
    Sounds like a canidate for a long sit down w/ a psychiatrist.

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    Yes Forums are important technique to share your ideas and also solve your problems and increase your knowledge.

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