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GABAergic substances do not work for me.
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    Angry GABAergic substances do not work for me.

    about 5 months ago I started suffering severe panic attacks. These attacks lasted 24 hours a day for a month and a half. It was so bad I lost nearly 40 lbs during that month and a half. During this period of time I was prescribed several different benzodiazepines including Temazepam (for sleep), Diazepam, Ativan and Alprazolam. They used to work great. I rarely used them, maybe 2-3 times a week (always the prescribed dose at the prescribe interval). I was finally placed on Paxil, Gabapentin and eventually Lamotrigine. About a month after starting the meds my panic attacks began to subside and finally the last remnants of anxiety a few weeks later. About 2 months ago I was getting a little anxiety and was scared that it might lead into panic attacks. So, I took 2mg of Ativan. Unlike previously the Ativan had no effect, didn't even make me calm or sleepy.

    I've tried taking my benzodiazepines a few times since for small amounts of anxiety and even insomnia. Nothing. Every time I take them nothing happens. No calmness or sleepiness. My doc suggested trying a higher dose so one night I took 10mg of Diazepam. Still nothing. I also suffer from chronic back pain and eventually was prescribed SOMA. I was told these were very potent and would make me sleepy. I was even told by my pharmacist that I should not drive while taking them because of how potent they were. So, the day I get them I take one before bed expecting them to knock me out or at least make me sleepy, again, nothing. I took 2 the following night (350 mg each). Nothing, absolutely nothing. No muscle relaxing effect, no sleepiness, nothing. I might as well have been taking sugar pills. After doing some research I found out they work on GABA receptors. It seems anything I take that affects GABA or GABA receptors has no effect on me. I don't take these meds often enough to have developed a tolerance so what the heck is going on? This is very frustrating for me and is hindering my pain/anxiety/insomnia treatment.

    Has anyone ever had this happen or heard of this happening. When I looked back at my timeline of starting medications it appears these GABAergic substances stopped working around the same time I started Gabapentin. I've never heard of Gabapentin having this type of effect but the timing seems to be more than just coincidence. Does anyone have any insight on this? Also wanted to mention, I saw my doctor today about my recent bout of insomnia. She prescribed Ambien (another GABAergic substance) and told me to cold turkey the Gabapentin to see if this helps these GABAergic substances to work. Any info or insights would be much appreciated, Just for the record I am 32 years old and weigh about 260lbs, despite that I am in excellent health. My heart is great (had an echo-cardiogram during my panic attack episodes and the cardiologist said I have the heart of an active 20 year old, probably exaggerating but my heart is in great shape). My blood pressure is usually about 115/67. My current medications are:

    Paroxetine 30mg once a day
    Gabapentin 600mg 3x a day
    Lamotrigine 150mg once a day
    Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen 2 5/325mg pills once a day (new med)
    Testosterone Cypionate Injection 1mg/ml once every 2 weeks
    Multi-Vitamin once a day
    Pro-Biotic once a day
    Magnesium L-Threonate once a day (new med)
    Melatonin 3-6mg one hour before bed (lately with my insomnia I've been taking around 15mg combined with about 100mg of diphenhydramine)

    I have been diagnosed with:

    Major Depressive Disorder
    Generalized Anxiety Disorder
    Panic Disorder

    Thanks for your help.

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    I have said this on another board but if your insurance will pay for it get a genetic test for how you process meds ( I have had two . One company's report was useless The other was great Will try to find the names later today )
    I have always said Epinephrine was my friend and Serotonin my enemy .....all the Serotonin heavy meds either do nothing or make me feel worse than before I took them Desipramine is the only Med that ever helped my depression Lo and behold the genetic test backed this up I cannot process Serotonin heavy meds so ithe test rec Desipramine
    Perhaps you have a similar issue Having the test result helps when you tell docs that you have an unusual reaction to a commonly prescribed Med.

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