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Getting prescription filled twice--Is this unusual?
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    Default Getting prescription filled twice--Is this unusual?

    I have had multiple surgeries for colon cancer and after the surgeries my surgeon prescribed me two 40mg pills of oxycontin extended release per day. At the moment I stay at a rehab/nursing home and visit my doctor about once a month. When I do visit him he gives me a prescription for the two pills a day to last me a month, but the nursing home I stay at already uses my insurance to get them and gives me 2 a day appropriately.
    My doctor said the prescription he gives me is for my home, for the days i do go home. I am just worried that I will get into some problems because I have been getting my pain meds from both the nursing home and a pharmacy. I have the ones he prescribed at home and use them once in a while and most of the time i am at the nursing home..
    Am I going to have problems with my insurance or anyone else if I continue to get my medicine from both nursing home and from a pharmacy to take home? I am just confused as why my doctor feels the need to send a full months worth with me because he knows I get them from the rehab center i stay at. Is this normal?
    Thank you and god bless.
    Shelly G.

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    Shelley ... our legal opinions here are no more than opinions of those without legal taining. We have no legal right to be advising you about such issues and this would mean nothing more to you than any other person's opinion. Sorry I don't have better news and wish I could help you more.

    You may personally feel good about what we tell you but it's stricly us giving advice that wouldn't likely have any real bearing on your case. I would suggest you seek legal counsel from a licensed attorney who is qualified to be makiing suggestions based on their education though our intentions are as good as anyone's.

    I don't see anything personally that you've done intentionally to "get away" with anything but again, talking with a qualified attorney would likely be your best bet. I would avoid an attorney with no credentials over something as important as this. Keep us posted. Good luck and God bless.
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    I am not a dr. My statements are based on years of experience and related education. Consult with the professional of your choice regarding matters of concern.

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